Pecho is a Slovak artist. He was born on February 23, 1984. He graduated from a secondary art school with specialisation in restoration and subsequently from university with specialisation in arts. In his work, bravura expressive drawing is prevalent, which often permeates into his painting. His artworks have become parts of private art collections all over Europe, as well as South America and Australia. Miroslav opens a portal into the dimension of his own unique perception and vision. He isn’t trying to draw our attention by offering us obtrusive beauty, there’s too much of it around in these retouched times we live in. He invites us to explore the most secret corners of a human soul. On this trip, he offers us neither consolation, nor merciful deception of false purity. He tears down the mask of the reality beyond which we wade through torment, despair, fear, depression and pain, while listening to the biting voice of our conscience and wailing, the place in which we are surrounded by decay and the smell of blood. Nothing in his paintings nor drawings seems to be definite, everything disappears into the darkness and is decomposed as quick as an idea being dealt with again and again, every time in a different state of mind. He admires Beksinski and Giger, the atmosphere of his works can be compared to that of theirs. He goes by the reference from the first act of Macbeth: “What is ugly is beautiful, and what is beautiful is ugly.” Welcome to his world, don’t be afraid to enter.